Coralville Public Library, Part 3


“We’re really happy to be partnering with the Coralville Food Pantry. We started a Food for Fines program with them five years ago, where we take donations for the pantry in lieu of fine money during September. When library staff identified the need with the kids, I sat down with John from the pantry and we talked about ways to address it. He’s been helping us support the snack program.

We also talked about trying to do meals. He really likes the idea of the library as a place to host meals, because there is no stigma in coming here, while there might be a little bit of one if we had them at the pantry. I really like the idea of community meals, where it isn’t just for people who may need it but for everybody. But then we found there is a lot of red tape when it comes to serving food. So, I don’t know. We’re still interested in coming back to the idea in the future.”

Ellen Hampe Alexander, Assistant Director & Reference Services Coordinator, Coralville Public Library





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