Coralville Public Library, Part 2


“Coralville has a very diverse population. How do you work to meet the needs of different groups?”

“I feel like we’ve been getting more into looking at basic needs that aren’t being met. How can we help people out with those things? For example, I felt like our staff kept having conversations about the kids who come here after school and don’t leave until we close. They kept acting up, and we didn’t know what to do about them until someone said, ‘I don’t ever see them go home to eat.’ Well, how can we expect them to behave if they’re really hungry and uncomfortable?

I’m really excited that we started the Feed Your Body, Feed Your Mind program, where we provide snacks on days when there is no school. We actually gave out over a thousand snacks this past summer, so I feel like it was pretty successful. We also just started getting donations from Bruegger’s every Friday.”

Ellen Hampe Alexander, Assistant Director & Reference Services Coordinator, Coralville Public Library


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